Vision and Mission


To be one of the world’s best organizations in providing solutions for hand-protection and contamination control needs of its customers.


"We want to be the world's lowest cost and most efficient glove manufacturing facility.

We will continue to grow organically, focusing on providing our products with consistent quality at competitive costs, supported by superior customer care to generate above industry returns to our shareholders."


WRP dedicates itself to providing only the highest levels of quality and service. Our customers through their years of continued support have recognized this commitment.

WRP meets the most stringent and demanding international quality requirements such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, EN, US FDA QSR, Health Canada/CMDCAS (Canada), JMOH (Japan), SFDA (China) and others. Our system are designed to deliver industry leading quality levels.

 Kitemark® Licence - KM 13936
 EC Certificate - Full Quality Assurance System - CE 00742
 EC Certificate - Full Quality Assurance System - CE 58685
 EC Certificate - Production Quality Assurance - CE 56816
 EC Quality of production by means of monitoring - CE 51699
 Certificate of Registration - Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008
 Certificate of Registration - Quality Management System - ISO 13485:2003
 Certificate of Registration - Quality Management System - EN ISO 13485:2012
 MDA Establishement Licence
 QMSR SIRIM - Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008
 FDA Annual Re-Registration 2016
Past awards received by WRP in recognition of our excellence in distribution and marketing network and R & D capability for the invention of radiation protection gloves:
  • Export Excellence Award, 1997 and 2003
  • Product Innovation Award, 2000
  • 2012-2014 Top 5 Exporters of Rubber Gloves Award, 2015