DHD Micro Powder Free, Sterile

Extra Sensitivity

The approach taken in meeting the healthcare professional’s increasingly stringent quality requirement is reflected in the outstanding features of PROFEEL® DHD™ Micro Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves.

Thinner than normal surgical gloves, PROFEEL® DHD™ Micro Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves are specially designed for specialists who demand extra senstivity in the fingertips for micro and opthalmic surgeries. The optimum strength-to-thickness ratio ensures that the basic barrier protection property is not compromised. The unique brown colour minimizes eye-strain in the Operating Theatre, provides a good contrast to light-coloured organs and tissues and aids visibility in surgical works Read More

DHD Micro Powder Free, Sterile Special

Type Powder free, curved fingers, bisque finish and beaded cuff
Primary Materials Natural rubber latex
Powder Polymer coating online and offline (DHD-Micro-Brown)
Color Brown (PMS 4635)
Design and Feature Hand Specific, curved fingers, bisque finish and beaded anti-rolldown reinforced cuff. Non-slick, skin grip surface finished provides good instrument grip. Thinner than normal surgical gloves for added sensitivity
Packing 1 pairs (1 left and 1 right) gloves per inner wrapper. 1 inner wrapper per pouch, 40 pairs of gloves per dispenser, 4 dispenser per carton
Product Conformance
  • Personal Protective Equipment of Complex Design Category III, in compliance with 89/686/EEC, type tested to EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN 374-2:2003, EN 374-3:2003 & EN 388:2003, CE0086
  • Medical Device, in compliance with 93/42/EEC, type tested to EN 455-1:2000, EN 4552:2009, EN 455-3:2006, EN 455 4:2009 and ASTM D3577, CE0086 Class IIa Sterile
Quality Assurance
  • US FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR)
  • ISO90001 Quality Mangement System
  • BS EN ISO13485 Quality Management Systems

  • Store in cool dry place
    Store in cool dry place
  • Do not expose to water
    Do not expose to water
  • Single use only
    Single use only

Pre-shipment Quality Inspection

Criteria Inspection Sampling Plan
Dimension N=13 (EN455-2) or S-2, AQL 4.0 (ASTM)
Physical Properties N=13 (EN 455-2) or S-2, AQL 4.0 (ASTM)
1000ml Water Leak Test G-1, AQL 0.65
Protein Content N=8 (EN455-3) or N=3(ASTM)
Powder Free Residue N=5 (EN455-3) or N=5(ASTM)
Visual Inspection for Major Defects G1, AQL 1.5
Visual Inspection for Minor Defects G1, AQL 4.0

Physical Properties

*Typical Physical Properties Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strength (MPa) 29 27
Force At Break (N) 15 14


Glove Size Reorder# Palm Width (mm) Length (mm)
5.5 P3355-34 72 ± 4 278 min
6.0 P3360-34 77 ± 5 280 min
6.5 P3365-34 83 ± 5 280 min
7.0 P3370-34 89 ± 5 283 min
7.5 P3375-34 95 ± 5 287 min
8.0 P3380-34 102 ± 6 288 min
8.5 P3385-34 108 ± 6 290 min
9.0 P3390-35 114 ± 6 290 min


Location of Thickness Measurements Single Wall (mm)
Fingers (at 15mm from the extreme tip)0.16 ± 0.02
Palm (at center of palm)0.14 ± 0.02
Cuff (at 25mm from cuff end)0.12 ± 0.02