DHD Polyisoprene Sensitive Powder Free, Sterile

Exceptionally Smooth

This latex-free and powder-free glove represents the latest innovation in synthetic glove technology. It is manufactured using a proprietary synthetic polymer that is chemically identical to natural rubber and incorporates our state of the art damp hand donning technology.

With WRP's new PROFEEL® DHDTM Polyisoprene Sensitive Surgical Gloves, you can enjoy the fit, feel and comfort of natural rubber latex in a 100% latex free product. The smooth surface and optimum sensitivity make it suitable for use as an underglove when double-gloving Read More

DHD Polyisoprene Sensitive Powder Free, Sterile Special

Type Powder free polymer coated, damp hand donning (DHDTM) and Gamma sterilized surgical gloves
Primary Materials Polyisoprene rubber (latex-free)
Powder No powder lubricant added. Polymer coating on glove surface
Color Dark Green
Design and Feature Specific, curved fingers, smooth and beaded cuff
Packing 1 pair of gloves per inner wrap, 1 inner wrap per pouch, 50 pouches per dispenser, 4 dispensers per carton
Product Conformance
  • Personal Protective Equipment of Complex Design Category III, in compliance with 89/686/EEC, type tested to EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN 374-2:2003, EN 374-3:2003 & EN 388:2003, CE0086
  • Medical Device, in compliance with 93/42/EEC, type tested to EN 455-1(2000), EN 455-2(2015), EN 455-3(2015), EN 455- 4(2009) and ASTM D3577, CE0086 Class IIa Sterile
Quality Assurance
  • US FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR)
  • 1509001 Quality Management System
  • ISO13485 Quality Management System

  • Store in cool dry place
    Store in cool dry place
  • Do not expose to water
    Do not expose to water
  • Latex free
    Latex free
  • Single use only
    Single use only

Pre-shipment Quality Inspection

Criteria Inspection Sampling Plan
Dimension N=13, Median
Physical Properties N=13, Median
1000ml Water Leak Test G-I, AQL 0.65
Powder Free Residue N=3 pairs
Protein Content N=8
Visual Inspection for major defects G-I, AQL 1.5
Visual Inspection for minor defects G-I, AQL 4.0

Physical Properties

*Typical Physical Properties Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strength (MPa) 25 23
EN Force At Break (N) 16 15


Glove Size Reorder# Palm Width (mm) Length (mm)
5 ½ P3355-57 72 ± 4 278 min
6 P3360-57 77 ± 5 280 min
6 ½ P3365-57 83 ± 5 280 min
7 P3370-57 89 ± 5 283 min
7 ½ P3375-57 95 ± 5 287 min
8 P3380-57 102 ± 6 288 min
8 ½ P3385-57 108 ± 6 290 min
9 P3390-57 114 ± 6 290 min


Location of Thickness Measurements Single Wall (mm)
Fingers (at 15mm from the extreme tip) 0.20 ± 0.02
Palm (at center of palm) 0.15 min
Cuff (at 25mm from cuff end) 0.13 min